About Cheesus Christ

  • COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Food Deliveries

    by Bold Commerce Collaborator COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Food Deliveries

    At Cheesus Christ, we have been very closely following the evolution of the COVID-19 situation.   We are taking this very seriously and have a strong preparedness plan we are implementing to mitigate risk for our people and customers.

    Even with these initial steps outlined below, we understand that the potential for additional exposure will continue to grow.  As the situation continues to evolve, we are committed to finding safe ways to provide our customers continued access to healthy, scratch-made gourmet foods.

  • Menu for Delivery

    by Bold Commerce Collaborator Menu for Delivery
    Here's our menu for delivery on 3/29! Variations will be made to these basic items for Low Carb, Healthy Balance, DASH Diet, and all custom meal pr...
  • Reheating Instructions

    by Bold Commerce Collaborator Reheating Instructions
    With our gold containers, customers have the option of reheating in the oven or microwave.  Microwave ovens vary tremendously, but here are some ge...
  • Elevated Meal Prep Services

    by Bold Commerce Collaborator Elevated Meal Prep Services

    We are the ONLY meal preparation service that is producing our own low carb sugar free breads, pastas and other baked goods to use in all our meals.

    Any basic diet can be customized to meet individual needs!  We started with low carb and have applied our techniques across all diets to be sure all customers can get healthy entrees, desserts and breads that taste great while adhering to dietary restrictions! 

  • About Cheesus Christ

    by Bold Commerce Collaborator
    Cheesus Christ was started after our head chef struggled staying on a Keto diet.  Everything had hidden sugars, and it was time consuming to juggle work while trying to cut carbs.  Recipes were bland; watery veggie noodles, sandwiches wrapped in lettuce…and so many eggs.  Local meal prep companies could only provide an estimate of nutrition, so he continued to cook at home.