About Cheesus Christ

by Bold Commerce Collaborator

Cheesus Christ was started after our head chef struggled staying on a Keto diet.  Everything had hidden sugars, and it was time consuming to juggle work while trying to cut carbs.  Recipes were bland; watery veggie noodles, sandwiches wrapped in lettuce…and so many eggs.  Local meal prep companies could only provide an estimate of nutrition, so he continued to cook at home.

After sneaking Keto Shortbread cookies into one of the competitions at the Kentucky State Fair and winning a Blue Ribbon in Culinary, it was time to move forward in the food service industry.  Next up was perfecting the pastas and breads.

The pasta was an instant hit during a party with friends, and the phrase “God It’s GoodTM” took hold.  It tasted like pasta, had the mouth feel of pasta, and was perfect for holding decadent sauces.  Better yet, it was ultra low carb!

The light fluffy bread and gourmet desserts also proved to be a hit.  Whenever people gathered to eat during gatherings in 2018 and 2019, the room fell silent and then you would hear the phrase…“God It’s GoodTM.”  Then we applied for trademark protection.

Cheesus Christ has moved from providing excellent meals, across multiple diets and disciplines, from home to a full commercial kitchen.  Located in a business development district in downtown Louisville, the kitchen was approved to open on October 29th, 2019 and has the capability of safely generating thousands of meals per week.

While Cheesus Christ has no religious affiliation, we believe in doing what’s right.  All employees receive paid time off, paid sick time, and company provided healthcare coverage.  Vacations are mandatory, and Cheesus Christ is working with a travel provider to ensure that all employees and their families take a company funded vacation yearly.  We also pride ourselves in providing a wage well above the industry average.   We are an equal opportunity employer, and do not tolerate discrimination by or against our employees or customers for any reason.

“God It’s GoodTM” is not simply a reaction to our food or an empty tagline, but a reflection of the values we at Cheesus Christ strive to embody.